The World of Akeroth is large and Diverse, and due to this two campaigns are currently in Progress within the Same setting. ASGOA is our IRL D&D Game, while ASotH is an Online Campaign for Zed Gaming. In addition to the D&D Campaigns Akeroth is home to several diverse stories,

A Shadow Gathers Over Akeroth:

It has been twenty years since the 16th Apocalypse when the The Witch-King of Falmar gained control of The Undead Host and the Dread Plague. The Lands of the East are torn asunder by war and disease, but in the West, the mighty Empires there stand in an era of Peace and Prosperity, but will this last?

A Storm on the Horizon:

Far to the North lies the Hinterlands a vast mountainous forest which spans thousands of square miles. This dark and mystical land holds little life Save for the Kingdoms on the Coast. As a Shadow Gathers over Akeroth in the South, A Storm stands upon the Horizion of Kul’Adar from The Near Wastes, but what comes with it?

Chronicles of Rowen:

In Kaldris, war rages as the Necrotics conquer the Kingdom of Kaldris, slaughtering tens of thousands. Darkness and Undeath sits upon the lands, but one humans’ destiney stands in the way, and the Sons of Necros will not have it. Chronicles of Rowen

Misc. Works:

Alatia (Play) | Parable One | The King in Yellow

A Shadow over Akeroth

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