Plague-Lord in Atar


Little is known of Antorex before his fateful encounter with St. Cuthbert at the end of 13A, however, there are some ideas.

1. Antorex may have been a Lich from the time of the Crusades who smuggled themselves here.

2. Antorex was a powerful Wizard from the Order of High Sorcery who took the opportunity of the Plague to join Nerull.

3. There was a secret Cult (descended from the Cult of Damnation) operating in Atar and Antorex was either just one of its members or possibly the leader of the Cult.

What is known about Antorex is that he was an extremely powerful wizard able to kill over 15 highly trained Paladins in a single blow the immediately raise them as Undead. He maintained one of the Plague Cauldrons (which would eventually become a Scarlet Dawn DMZ, however these would all fall at the Start of 16A with the destruction of the Black Wall). He fought with and both died by and killed St. Cuthbert, other than this nothing is known of Antorex.


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