Lich-Lord, Cultist of Abadon


Azol was slain in 16A20 by the Party during their excursion to Sarnath. With Azol’s death the Party was able to recover countless tomes of forbidden knowledge that could hopefully be used to fight against the Plague, Undead, and the Cult.


Azol was born sometime in 7A and was Ansuri in descent. At some point in his life he joined the secret Cult of Abadon and worked tirelessly to move up the ranks of the Cult. Ultimately Azol was one of the Cultist able to ascend and become Lich-Lords just prior to the infection of Sarnath.

After Sarnath’s infection many of the people died and were brought back as the Undead Host, however some did escape this fate as a Paladin named Strum fought the Undead allowing numerous people to escape to the safety of Karadania (in Regeloth). When the attempt to Cull Sarnath took place Azol led the Undead into hiding to protect them from the Greek Fire.

Little else is known of Azol’s life except what was gathered from his personal notes and items which are now in the hands of the Order of High Sorcery.


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