God of Magic, Builder of the ToHS and Founder of the OoHS


Boccob was born in Shuranti sometime in 8A (as he was alive to witness the Devastation of Tavarith), Boccob was Magical inclined and was taken at a young age to the Academia in Vingaard. It was here at the Academia that Boccob excelled in every endeavor he attempted; he quickly gained the admiration of his professors and the disdain of his fellow classmates. Because of Boccob’s skill he was placed in advanced classes and completed the Academia at the Age of 11 (most graduate at 18).

After Boccob graduated from the Acedemia he was quickly hired on as a researcher looking into new types of Magic, it was during this time that Kord would led his Orcish Horde into Tavarith causing the Devastation. Seeing this Devastation caused by Defilement Magic caused Boccob to work ever harder to find a new source of Magic, and after several decades Boccob succeeded in finding the Ley-Lines of Akeroth.

After finding the Ley-Lines Boccob designed and built the first Tower of High Sorcery in Vingaard (at an intersecting point of a dozen Ley-Lines), from here Boccob would build several more Towers and found the Order of High Sorcery (which would replace countless lesser Magical institutions), as well as creating the Test of High Sorcery to weed out those not ready to handle the power. After the completion of the Towers people all across Akeroth and Kul’Adar could readily use Magic with no consequences (in relation to the earth). As Boccobs’ years waned down he succeeded in convincing the other nations of Shuranti ( Bastion and Val) to join with Theramore in a loose coalition called the Shuranti Alliance, after the Alliance was formed Boccob died and ascended into Divinity.

With Boccobs’ death the world changed as Boccob convinced the Deities to return to Akeroth (thus bringing Divine Magic back as well). It was this final feat that has kept Boccob alive in legend and why he is worshiped by so many Wizards, Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Mages.

Little has been recorded of Boccobs’ personal life and the only information that is available is either common knowledge or Mythology masquerading as truth, regardless Boccob’s deeds remain as a testament to the Power a single person can wield.


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