Elf Rogue


Hair – Single Thick brown braid.
Attire (not armour) – Dark / woody colored ninja like garb.
Eyes – Brown
Height – 5’11"

  • My story begins in a decently sized Guild in Sylvania. All I know about my upbringing and early childhood is from what the monks have told me. I was dropped off as a baby in an intricate wooden cradle padded with the finest silk. A strange looking hat was left with me.
  • The Guild is run by a conglomerate of varying races and skill sets. It is a decently sized Guild comprised of roughly 500 people of varying ages. The guildies here are always training in their very distinct arts. Three different houses exist within the Guild. The fighter house is the most popular comprised of 2 masters, 10 seniors, and 20 mentors. Next is the healing arts house only slightly smaller in size containing 1 elder healer, 7 major healers, and 14 lesser healers. The next is the house of stealth and finesse. Significantly smaller than the others having only 1 master, 5 seniors, and myself the apprentice. This house is the only of the three houses to have their own signature style. They are refined in the art of throwing and stealth.
  • I chose this house for the simple fact that I have always felt like an outsider, even amongst these people. I wasn’t welcomed and always kept to myself. The Elder of this house was the one who found me the night I was dropped off. He has always been like a father to me. One day I hope to surpass even the master himself. For now I will graciously accept any knowledge these few fighters can pass down.
  • I wandered off one day to practice my skills in secret and to just get away from everyone at the guild. I did this often, as I liked the seclusion. I would wander for a day or two at a time sometimes. On one of these adventures something very peculiar happened. I set up by a tree that looked like a good target and began to practice throwing the simple knives the lower ranking from my guild carried. After about 20 minutes of this I hear a song-like voice coming from deeper in the forest. My interest now being peaked I picked up my things and proceeded deeper into the forest to see if i could find where it was coming from. After about 10 minutes of walking I came across the most beautiful woman i had ever laid my eyes on. We talked for what seemed like hours. I don’t recall when I went to sleep, but i awoke in the village to confusion. I was apparently gone for a weeks time talking with this creature. I told everyone what had happened but the only one who believed me was my master. He said I had encountered a Dryad. This encounter fueled my desire to find an earthly woman as beautiful as this creature was.
  • I was always getting in to trouble here. They live so simple and I have always had a taste for more aside from the simple clothing and foods. I was always testing my training and pushing my limits. Sometimes too much. I was “imprisoned” here at the guild for stealing from the other students and houses. I was sent to the outlying villages attached to the guild as punishment for my crimes, spending my days living with the farmers and earning my keep for that day.
  • It was here with the farmers that I found my first love. A half elf / half human goddess in my eyes. It was relatively short lived. I found out her family was using me for my knowledge of the guild and trying to sell their secrets. They are forever enemies in my eyes. Eventually heading back to the guild and informing my master of what they were doing they were banished from the land and branded with the symbol of a thief (and not in a good way).
  • After that series of exciting events happened I just needed to get away. I borrowed supplies from the guild and let my house know I would be going into the forest for some peace and solitude. After my third day of travel I decided I had walked far enough and set up camp for the night to rest. I woke up the next day to an odd sight. It had seemed as if the forest had rearranged itself. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. When I reopened my eyes one of the trees had a human like face and was approaching me. To my surprise I had made camp within the boundaries of a clan of treants. The treant who approached me was one of the younger treants. He introduced me to the elder of the clan and I spent about two weeks with these treants. I asked the eldest treant if he knew of the dryad I had encountered. With a huff and some shaking of his leaves he said he knew. He said if i met her it would be in my best interest to never meet her again. I was lucky to have escaped with my life. I thanked them for the wisdom they shared and asked if I was welcomed back if I am ever in this neck of the woods again. They accepted my request on the condition I never speak of the dryad again.
  • Many years have passed since I was first left at this village. I have spent most of this time refining my talents within my house to qualify for the annual fighting tournament held between the two offensive houses. After much pleading to my master he agreed to let me fight in the 3rd tier of the tournament comprised of novices. I managed to make it to the semifinals against the fighting house. About the third round of the sparring with my opponent I took what would have been a winning blow but I did not concede. I pushed past my limits against my masters wishes and took a terrible blow to my arm. I lost the sparring but managed to make a name for myself amongst the guild increasing my reputation within the ranks becoming less of an outsider now. I spent quite a while recovering from the blow to my arm.
  • After the match and my recovery the master called me in to speak with him. I had proved myself in his eyes. I was a very promising student. He granted me my own room within my house instead of living amongst the other novices. This also came with better rations and a small monthly stipend. Plus the chance to now go on missions with the rest of the guild. Just things within our skill ratings. I was now considered slightly above an apprentice, but still years from becoming a senior.
  • With my new found income and many missions I have experienced a lot. One of these missions was to survey the surrounding villages. After weeks of travel we finally reached our last village. We stopped by the bar where everyone was celebrating the return trip to the guild starting the next day. There was a strange man at the bar that captivated the party with tales of the outside world and adventures of other lands. He took out a pipe and started smoking blowing rings around. Me being the curious youngster i was I asked if i could try. Unbeknownst to me it was a substance called opium. The first hit to my lungs was like nothing i had ever felt. Pure bliss. Everything was sharper and became way more intense. Not sure if it was the drugs or something else but women seemed to resemble the dryad from the forest. Lots of time was spent doing this new drug and going on missions and flavoring as many women as I could.
  • On one of the adventures to an outlying bar just outside of the village I had found the most captivating woman yet. We made love with the force of the forest any chance we got. She was into alot more chemicals and supplements than myself. One day I went back to the village to call upon her only to discover her family crying. When I asked them what was wrong they uttered one word. Dead. As if struck by lightning I became numb.

*The master noticed a change in me and saw what I was doing. I was banned from missions and leaving until I was detoxed and sane again. Regaining my composure and freeing from my slavery to opium, I was yet again allowed back on missions. The master decided to test my strength (if i had any left). It could have been punishment and to show me how weak I was, or It could have been to improve my stagnant skills and strength. The master does things in very strange ways. One of the villages was being raided by bandits. They needed volunteers led by three of the seniors, one from each house, and 5 novices each from the fighting and healing houses. This mission was particularly hard. Up until now everything I had ever engaged in combat was immobile trees or small game. We spent about 4 weeks uprooting bandits from the outlying lands. The bandits weren’t very happy about this and decided to mount a full scale offensive on one of our farming villages. All bets were in. We barely got word of this after capturing one of their scouts. We barely made it to the village in time. The raiding had already started. I am tasked with flanking and going rooftop to rooftop and killing from the shadows while they maintained the battlefield. One of the more stealthy healers was with me just in case things went south to signal for help. I get to this one house in particular where I hear voices. Great, they have hostages. The husband of the family is being pushed around by about two bandits with one holding his wife hostage. I tell the healer to try and flank behind the one holding the wife. I have the two picking on the farmer. Once she is in position I throw one of my knives very carefully and nail the first one in the heart. Startled the second draws his sword and starts to run at the wife. I drop down in between them, dagger drawn. The healer sees this and draws the attention of the third. “RUN” I yell to the family. We take down the final two bandits with only a slight struggle. The couple comes back and graciously thanks us for our help. “Any time”, if I need anything they will repay me for my bravery. The healer patches up their minor injuries and we progress back to the main force seeing no more stragglers. Surprisingly no losses were taken. The battle is won.

  • The master listens to all that has occurred during the battle. He is surprised at how quickly I am advancing. I realize how awful of a pupil I was during my addiction. I am forever indebted to him for taking me in. I owe him even more now after giving me a second chance. Even after all he has done he still treats me like a son. I will pay him back some day.
  • The healer I was with during the battle had caught my eye. She was very skilled and brave. Not to mention beautiful. We saw each other for about four months before she ended things. I wasn’t entirely sure whether it was because we were from different houses or if there was another reason. No skin off of my bones as there were plenty of women in town I was seeing if you know what I mean. One at the local tavern the bartender caught my eye. After a bit of flirting and a bit of luck I sealed the deal with her after closing. She made me forget about the woman I had lost and even the countless others…..for a while at least.
  • Another day around the guild; more menial tasks. I managed to land one of the more fun tasks: hunting. I had gotten particularly good at sneaking around which made me great for hunting. After snagging a decent sized deer and a few rabbits I started to head back. I heard a woman’s voice, faintly, off in the distance. My heart leaped. Could it be the same woman I had met in the forest all those years before? I dropped everything and ran to where the voice was coming from. The cries grew louder. I came upon what looked slightly like an elven woman, but infinitely more beautiful. She was trapped in a hunters net. Strange. I call out from the shadows. " Who….or should I say What are you??". She faintly responds. “Help me. Please….” Screw it. I cautiously walk forward and cut the net holding her captive. She is passed out now. She obviously has been stuck here for some time. Careless hunters. I lay her down on a makeshift bed and make camp. I return to gather my catch from earlier today. As day breaks the following day she has slightly more energy. She begins to tell me she is one of the nymphs of this forest. That net was enchanted or she would have easily been able to break out. As she regains her strength I promise her to figure out who did this. She thanks me for my kindness and hands me a small bag of herbs. If you ever need anything from me return to this forest. Burn these herbs and I will appear to you. She then vanished. I return to the village with the net and tell my master all about the events. As I hand over the net he gets a very troubled look in his eye. I was told to leave. The following day I heard rumors that a meeting was called between the 3 masters. Interesting indeed. The next day a gathering was called of the houses. The culprit was a satyr. He is stalking the guardians of this forrest. A bounty was placed on his head. I swear on my life, if it is the last thing I do, I will find and murder him.
  • The guild would occasionally partner with other guilds or clans if the money was right or the job was too big. A nomadic clan came to us with a request to uproot invaders of one of their permanent bases. We offered our help. A small party, about half the size of the previous one, went with to help. We made it just outside of this village and I was sent to recon the mission that lies ahead for the next day with another from the people we were working with. The sent one of their people with to recon with me. We made it to a local tavern and started our recon and assessing the situation. While there I managed to stumble across the lover from before. The one I thought was using me. As it turns out she had nothing to do with her fathers plans. Sadly our time was over. We did mend our past and maintain a decent friendship afterwards. I stepped outside and saw bounties posted for some of the people we were working with. I brought a few back to our clan where we confronted our partners. they were lying trying to capture another village for profit. We refused their help. One of the clan members hated what they had done and defected to our guild. He became like a brother to me.
  • I ventured back out into the forest to clear my head and meditate. I ventured to the same place I had set up as my home away from the guild and made camp. I woke up trapped. The satyr that we had placed a bounty on had trapped me. He knew I had released his prisoner and was pissed. He tortured me extensively for days. Lucky for me I was great at hiding things on my person. What a better way at revenge than summon the thing he had once tried to enslave. When the satyr left em alone I pulled out the small bag of herbs and burned them. Hopefully this works as i was running out of strength and time. The satyr reappeared and it seemed as if he had enough of my games. He pulled me out of my cage and dragged me to what would have been my grave when several nymphs of the forest appeared. Before the satyr could run they ensnared him. How I would not the fate that awaits him. The nymph I rescued before approached me. I blacked out. I woke up in the healing house in my guild. My torture was so extensive it will take some time to regain my strength. I am forever indebted to the forest and its guardians. When I was able to walk I made my way back to my room. A strange letter was taped to my door. The letters contents stated my brother who I had no knowledge of was murdered. If I wanted to know more I was to proceed to drybone valley. In shock that anyone knowing where I came from had contacted me I brought this knowledge to my house master. I let him know that I needed to know where this came from and to pursue this lead brought before me. He signed off on my mission and gave me his blessing. I vowed to return once I have got to the bottom of this mysterious letter.
  • I arrived just outside of drybone valley. the letter told me to meet at a small tavern just barely within the city, if you could call it that. Upon arrival I asked the barkeep if he knew anything about the insignia on the letter. “OH”, he remarked. “I was told if someone bearing this letter showed up to tell them to head to an encampment just outside of town”. I made my way to this encampment and met up with these travelers. It was merely a trap. I should have known. I managed to barely escape with my life. Everything I had was stolen from me. It was another group trying to gain knowledge of my guilds secrets. Having lost everything I now needed to find work to gain enough money to head back to my guild. It was here I met up with a strange group of travelers and my story continues.


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