Edrin Yamor

Knight-Commander of the Hell's Vanguard


Knight-Commander Edrin was the Stalwart Leader of the Arkangelsk Hellknights, but after the Blunder at the Fort, Commander Edrin was approached by several higher ranking members of the Hellknight’s attempting to recruit her into the Cult of Abadon. Fearful she fled taking with her 30 loyal Hellknights, who have fled to Drybone Valley and established Hell’s Vanguard with the help of the Ferryman, Varrangoin, Nordrejur, and many others who stand stalwartly against the Cult and its ultimate ambitions.

After recruiting the Party to help on a mission to Sarnath, Edrin Sigfraed, and the Party made their trek across the now infected Nordrejur Lands and arrived in Ansurin as the Undead Host was besieging the city. After gaining entrance into the city and commandeering a boat the group made their way to Sarnath.

In Sarnath the Party along with Edrin fought the Lich-Lord Azol and recovered countless forbidden tomes from which they hoped to glean some sort of information. After retreiving the books the group returned to the boat and made their way to Ansurin. Surprisingly Ansurin survived the onslaught of the Undead Host, however, a total of 66% of the population perished due to fighting, starvation, or Disease.

The group left Ansurin with the news that most of the Nordrejur Lands had become overrun with the Undead (the Nordrejur Plague), so the group went Southward to Portem Harbor in Kenderholm. The trip was long and ardous, however, the group made their way to Portem Harbor where they received passage to Orgrimmar in Zeth’Kur. From Orgrimmar the group found a Gnomish Steamship that was waiting to take them to Bastion where the Hell’s Vanguard had relocated.

After several weeks the group arrived in Bastion where the Hell’s Vanguard had regrouped with the leaders of the Shuranti Alliance in Bastion.

Edrin is currently located in Bastion, Bastion, Shuranti.


Born in 15A287, Commander Edrin was the Youngest Hellknight Commander ever, before she fled Arkangelsk just prior to The Purge. She is currently the Leader of the Hell’s Vanguard, and is staunchly fighting against both the Cult of Abadon and Regeloth.

Edrin Yamor

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