Krusk Stonemaul

Prophet of Gruumsh, Savior of the Orcs


The Half-Orc Krusk Stonemaul, half-brother to the Warchief Grummash Stonemaul. His prophetic visions lead the Orcs into a golden age of Culture, Religion, and Trade.


Born from the Chieftain Argar Stonemaul and a Human Concubine, Krusk was born three days before his Half-Brother Grummash. Due to his mixed blood Krusk was not allowed to inhereit the Tribe, and thus his younger brother was to be raised as chief. The animosity the full-orcs gave Krusk was terrifying, and so to become more Orcish, Krusk spent all his time with the elders learning the rituals, incantations, and offerings for their god, Gruumsh “One-Eye”. Due to the closeness of their age, Krusk and Grummash developed a playful rivalry, but ultimately loved each other dearly. When Chief Argar died, Grummash ascended to the position of Chieftain of the Stonemaul, and Krusk was appointed as Seer. It would be during his time as Seer that Krusk would receive a series of Prophetic visions from Gruumsh. During these visions Krusk saw the Creation of the Orcs, the glory of Orcanum, The fall of the Dragons, the Rise of Lok’Tar, the Betrayal of Killrog, the Exodus’, the Settling in Andurin, the Three, the Journey, the reunification of the Tribes, the Return, the conquest of Rozzaria, and the Rise of Zeth’Kur.

Krusk seeing these visions as Divine prophecy went to hid brother, and convinced him, that now was the time to unify the tribes under him, so that when Krusk returned, he could have the men ready to take what is rightfully theirs, and so Grummash bid his brother farewell, gathered his men, and sent Krusk off to find the Three he had seen in his vision.

Krusk went northward and found passage to the city of Brachslavia via Port Balifor in the Free Cities (since Krusk was a half-orc he was somewhat tolerated). In Brachaslavia while searching for a sign, Krusk ran into a band of highly unlikely allies. Legelos the Elf Warrior, Seraph the Elf Ranger, and Melkorus the Halfling Bard, while being accosted by local racists. These three adventurers came to Krusks aid, and from their actions, Krusk knew that they were the three. Tactfully he lead them along an adventure gaining allies for themselves, from the Free Dwarven Cities (which were occupied by Brachaslavia), The Islands of Trestba and Alja (Home to several Goblinoid Work Camps), The Abastra Goblin Peoples, and the Dark Mage Icanorous, of Uvirith’s Grave, before returning to Stonemaul Keep, and Grummash.

Returning to his brother somewhat triumphantly with the “Three” prophesied about, a morale upswing came to the Orcs, and what would be the Conquest of Rozzaria, and the Foundation of Zeth’Kur

Following the Conquest of Rozzaria came the grand rebuilding, and resettling, and it was during this time that Krusk formalized the Orcish Religiom, giving it organized holy books, days, rituals, and prayers, as well as reforming the Orcish language into its own script, from these actions Zeth’Kur entered into a golden age.

Krusk is also well-known for his trade exploits, opening up trade northward to Astravia, Moramer, Regeloth, Highreach, Kenderholm, and Kaldanis, Southward to Moloch, Bastion, and Theramore, and Eastward all the way to Wayreth on the far coast.

It is because of these actions that when Krusk died (in 15A49), he was “Canonized” as Krusk Grummshk (Krusk the Second Eye of Gruumsh)

Krusk Stonemaul

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