Warchief of Orcanum (Ogar), Chosen of Grummsh


Lok’Tar was the first Warchief to unify all the Orcish Tribes in Orcanum culminating into the 8th Apocalypse. His combined forces brought fear into the Hearts of Men, Elf, and Dwarf alike, which ultimately lead to the Strife Wars.


Lok’Tar stands as a Mythological Character today, through all accounts, Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Orc, he did exist. His martial prowess, and diplomatic skills allowed him to unify the disparate Orcish tribes of Orcanum together into a force that could possibly overrun the whole of Akeroth. This event caused the 8th Apocalyose, and It was because of this that the Strife wars began in 8A3. Lok’Tar is said to have been killed during the Battle of Lordsport in 8A17, however the Stife Wars would not end until the Battle of the Dragongate in 8A43


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