Lord Brane

High Lord of Bastion


Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 190
Age: 57


Lord Brane is well-respected man and a formidable fighter. After having earned the right to serve on the Council by volunteering in the Dead Scar twice (two, ten year tours). After serving as the Commander of Sanctuary for ten years, Lord Brane returned to Bastion and was invited to the Council. Serving on the Council for ten years, Lord Brane was promoted to High Lord of Bastion.

For the last seven years Lord Brane has focused Bastions’ military might into constructing new forts in Garem, and possibly retaking the ruins of the Beacon of Light.

Lord Brane is an ardent hater of the Undead and a faithful follower of Heiraneous.

Lord Brane, like the other leaders of the Shuranti Alliance have allied themselves with the Hell’s Vanguard to fight against the Dread Plague and the Cult of Abadon, especially in the wake of the Nordrejur Plague.

Lord Brane

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