Sigfraed Iannois

Leader of the Varrangoin, "The River King", "The Corsair"


Currently residing in Bastion with Edrin, the Hell’s Vanguard, and the Varrangoin & Nordrejur refugees.


Born a Varrangoin, Sigfraed grew up in Regeloth persecuted by the native Andhils. Sigfraed later in life would become a river pirate and ultimately rise to prominence by inflicting severe casualties upon the Andhils and the Hellknights on several occasions. His natural command of the waterways has given him the nickname “The River King”, and in combat Sigfraed is known for his use of Greek Fire to decimate anything and everything in his way.

Because of Sigfraeds’ occupation as a River Pirate, he has gained much notoriety amongst ships on the many rivers of the Basin. Sigfraeds skill not only in combat, but also in navigation allowed him to take control of a ship at the age of 19, since then he has ruled the waterways as the “River King”.

Sigfraed meet the Party in Aurora where he was supposed to meet up with the High-Elf Wizard Gilead, from this meeting Sigfraed disclosed important information regarding Regeloth and the Cult to Gilead. After revealing this information Sigfraed conscripted the Party to join him and his crew to go to the Crossing where they could be safe and find more allies. This failed as Sigfraed, his crew, and the Party were ambushed by a group of Hellknights. Ultimately Sigfraed would escape during the Flight of the Party.

After the Party fled Arkangelsk and made its way to the Crossing then further South to Drybone Valley Sigfraed joined with Edrin helping to strengthen the Hell’s Vanguard (which consisted of thirty ex-Hellknights and Edrin). Sigfraeds joining into the Hell’s Vanguard caused a ripple effect encouraging the Varrangoin and Nordrejur to join the Vanguard as well.

Since the Purge, the Flight of the Party, the Burning of the Crossing and the Varrangoins’ Oath of Loyalty to Edrin and the Hell’s Vanguard has caused Sigfraed to become the de facto leader of the Varrangoin. After Sigfraed departed with the Party and Edrin to Ansurin the Varrangoin (along with the Hell’s Vangaurd and the Nordrejur) were forced to flee Southward to Bastion due to the spread of the Nordrejur Plague.

Sigfraed curently resides in Bastion assisting the Hell’s Vanguard and the Shuranti Alliance with uncovering any information they can to fight the Cult and safe not just Regeloth, but also the Nordrejur Lands and possibly the whole of Akeroth.

Sigfraed is soft-spoken, commanding, and knowledgeable

Sigfraed Iannois

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