St. Cuthbert

Monk of Pellor, Saint of the OotHS, Divine


St. Cuthbert was born in Westfall in 13A, descended from Baklunish fishermen St. Cuthbert was given up at a young to a monastery in Avaria ( Avaros).

St. Cuthbert’s childhood was strict and it was from years of hard work and constant training that St. Cuthbert developed an Iron Will. Ultimately at the age of 21 St. Cuthbert was released from the monastery, from here he traveled via boat to Atar Proper to join with the Scarlet Dawn in their fight against the Dread Plague and the Undead Host in Atar.

Arriving in Atar St. Cuthbert (known at this point as Brother Cuthbert) would join up with the Scarlet Dawn as they were readying to start their second major campaign into the Plaguelands. In the Scarlet Dawn St. Cuthbert would serve valiantly and piously for nearly 25 years before he was sanctified.

In the waning days of 13A St. Cuthbert along with an entire contigent of Scarlet Dawn Paladins attempted to assault one of the massive Plague Cauldrons that now occupied the landscape of Atar. After finding and scouting the location of one of the Plague Cauldrons St. Cuthbert and the Paladins attacked the Cauldron slaying the petty Undead that surrounded the Cauldron, however, their task was not done yet.

After dispatching the petty Undead a shadowy figure appeared and assailed the group killing half of them immediately through the use of a spell. It is written that St. Cuthbert charged forward and engaged this creature (the Plague-Lord Antorex), together the two fought in single combat for several hours while the Paladins dispatched their former comrades. In the end Antorex was able to break combat and begin to cast a devastating spell that would kill everyone in the area; in a desperate bid to save his comrades St. Cuthbert ran forward and struck Antorex in the heart breaking his Ki. While this act killed Antorex, Antorex’s spell still went of, but only affected St. Cuthbert. As the spell began to disintegrate him a beacon of divine light shone down and all who were there testified as witnesses that his spirit rose from his body and ascended into divinity.

After his death St. Cuthbert was Sanctified by The Silver Hand, Argent Twilight, Scarlet Dawn, Order of the Holy Sepulcher, the Order of Pellor, and numerous other organizations; because he ascended into divinity. Many people (specifically the rural farmers) worship St. Cuthbert for his generosity and nobility, and among both the Hellknights of Regeloth and the Hell’s Vanguard he is worshiped on a level almost equal to (if not equal to already) Pellor.

St. Cuthbert

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