Terra Woodsoul

Female Half-Elf Cleric of Ehlonna



Race: Half-Elf
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 125lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Shoulder length, blonde
Clothing: Terra likes to change her clothing based on local trends.
Jewelry: A necklace with a small fern leaf encased in amber.
Treasured Item: Belt



Her earliest memory was waking up inside a hollowed tree. When she walked out, she saw many other children around. Some seemed familiar to her. They were of all different races and ages, and all were small like her. The children who could speak called her Terra Woodsoul.

The oldest of the children said the adults had hid them all for safety, and left to protect the town. There were larges plumes of black smoke in the direction of the hometown a few days ago, and none of the the adults had returned. “We must start moving to survive,” said the eldest child, an adolescent halfling named Nitt Teagather.

The children wandered the woods aimlessly for some time, foraging for food, and sometimes catching small game with simple traps, weapons, or just pure luck. The oldest of the children insisted that the group avoid civilization and adults, for fear of what perversions they may bring with.

One night, Terra heard the trees and plants talking. She separated herself from the group, following their voices for two days, until she came to a grove. She stopped to drink some water. A beautiful white unicorn was lying next to her when she picked herself up. She slept next the the beast for warmth.

It was in her slumber that the goddess, Ehlonna, appeared to her in a dream. She had blonde bangs, but the rest of her hair was dark. She gave Terra a message. “All of the woodlands and the life it holds is holy ground, for the future of all life depends on it. When it thrives, you thrive. When it falters, you falter . . . or wither. This life, nature in its entirety has existed here for endless eons. It has fed many species and brought them to greatness, and in the same fashion it has starved those great species . The oceans! The soil! The flowing streams! The forests! They can empower you, or destroy you. The actions of all people, and how they treat the woodlands will determine their fate.” Terra awoke inside a wooden lodge. It was completely barren, save for a shrine at the far end. She walked outside, and upon viewing the lodge, she discovered that she could not clearly view it’s walls.

She heard voices in the distance, and as they came closer she realized It was the other children! She ran to them and upon finding them she lead them back to the lodge. This became their new home, and they all came to worship Ehlonna, as the gift she gave them was life, and It has been her forests that have always protected them.

A few nights passed after Terra found the other children, and it was that night that she received another vision from Ehlonna. “Go child and gather the spores of the largest fern, for you shall go and travel the the world to spread those spores far and wide, so that all peoples will witness natures preeminence over their power.” and with that final mission, Terra Woodsoul set out into the world on her divine mission alone.

Terra Woodsoul

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