The Crimson King

Avatar of Nerull, The Tattered King, The Living God, The King in Yellow


The Crimson King is the Avatar of Nerull and is thus a Living God. The Crimson King wields tremendous amounts of power just like his True Divine Incarnation, however, unlike his True Divinity, the Crimson King is vulnerable to the magics of Akeroth and on Several Occasions has been banished from the Material Plane.

The Mantle of the Ebon King was originally owned by the Crimson King, however in 1A the Paladin Ishar defeated the Crimson King banishing him from the Material Plane, with the defeat of the Crimson King Ishar took up the Crimson Kings Mantle and took Control of the Undead Host.

Contrary to the Name the Crimson King does not wear Crimson, the name comes from the bloodshed the ensues as a result of the madness his sheer existence brings to an area. The Crimson King instead wears a vile color of yellow that resembles bile (hence the King in Yellow), and his robes are Tattered and torn (giving rise to the name, The Tattered King).

Looking upon the Crimson King is said to cause insanity upon the gazer, only those with a formidable Will have ever seen the Crimson King and be able to speak. His influence is said to sink deep into the minds of men and hold their very thoughts in his possession.

The Crimson King is the De Facto head of all Cults related to Nerull, as he is Nerull s incarnated into a material form (Avatar).


No one is sure how Nerull broke through the protections the Deities had bestowed on Akeroth, however, he did and with this entrance his Avatar was forced into the Material Plane.

Nerull’s first meeting with the life on Akeroth came during the Battle for Akeroth, when after the dead began to rise they fought against the living, but some traveled to antithesis of the Beacon of Light, the Ebon Hold. Here the Crimson King ruled and brought the Undead Host together for the first time, infecting the ground around the Ebon Hold with the Dread Plague (thus creating the first tear, that would eventually become the Dead Scar); Humanity who had been created by and worshiped Nerull (and thus the Crimson King) turned their backs on him after the creation of the Undead Host, and soon Man began to worship Pellor.

In the end of the Battle for Akeroth, the Crimson King was defeated by a Man, Ishar, a Paladin of Pellor, and with the defeat of the Crimson King, he was banished from the Material Plane. Ishar, after defeating the Crimson King, took up his Mantle taking control of the Undead Host, and then placed himself in a stasis in an icy tomb (the Ebon Citadel) located beneath the Ebon Hold.

While the Crimson King was banished from the Material Plane his work would not be over as the repercussions of the Battle for Akeroth reverberated throughout the world. First came the Orc Wars that ended in the desolation of Orcanum, then came the Corruption of the Dwarves and their greed leading them to search for ever greater treasure leading to them releasing the Demons of the Countless Hells. After the Demons were contained back beneath the Earth the Elves were left fractured as their gods bickered amongst each other leading to the Division of the Elves, but his finest achievement came with the Fall of the Aspects, the Rise of the Chromatic Dragons, and the Dragon Wars that would follow.

After the Aspects came together and sacrificed their immortality to hold the Chromatic Dragons came as a Crowning achievement for the Crimson King as he not only defeated the Aspects, but also created a Chromatic Titan (Tiamat) to deal with the Metallic Titan that the Dragons had called forth to Seal the Chromatic Dragons within the Earth. By Disabling these two barriers little stood in the Crimson Kings way and so he took control of the Undead Host and sent them forth from the Ebon Hold towards Garem to destroy the final barrier, the Beacon of Light.

The Crimson King

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