Male Orc Warlock, Warlord of the Black Host


Zer’Nugrub was a Male Orc Warlock who lived during 3A. Zer’Nugrub did not came to power not among his own people the Orcs (in Orcanum), but instead from their lesser cousins, the Goblin-kin. It was from among the many disparate tribes that Zer’Nugrub forged for himself a great fighting force.

Zer’Nugrub left Orcanum in search of greater things then the pestilence that had been wrought upon Orcanum (the Orc Wars), from his leaving of the Dragongate, to marching throughout Elwynn, Westfall, Lous, Garem, Shuranti, and Steppess he would attract many Golbins to his cause against Man, and together they would arrive in the Andihil Basin. When Zer’Nugrub arrived the Basin was lush and fertile, and the many peoples their remained in a tense state with each other.

It was because of their disunification that Zer’Nugrub sent his armies into the Basin to create a Homeland for themselves. The Black Host originally took much ground, but when one among the Basin people (Androson I Androsonov) unified the tribes against Zer’Nugrub, his armies were rebuked and ultimately Androson slew Zer’Nugrub in personal combat, it was because of this event that the totality of the Black Host was rebuked.


Very little is known of Zer’Nugrubs personal life, like many people who lived before the Fall of the Aspects and the Dragon Wars, they are shrouded in mystery and legend


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