Tag: Orc


  • Krusk Stonemaul

    Born from the Chieftain Argar Stonemaul and a Human Concubine, Krusk was born three days before his Half-Brother Grummash. Due to his mixed blood Krusk was not allowed to inhereit the Tribe, and thus his younger brother was to be raised as chief. The …

  • Lok'Tar

    Lok'Tar stands as a Mythological Character today, through all accounts, Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Orc, he did exist. His martial prowess, and diplomatic skills allowed him to unify the disparate Orcish tribes of Orcanum together into a force that could …

  • Zer'Nugrub

    Very little is known of Zer'Nugrubs personal life, like many people who lived before the Fall of the Aspects and the [[The Dragon Wars | Dragon Wars]], they are shrouded in mystery and legend