Abados stands as both a Volcanic island and a section of the rocky coastline bordering the wedged between overgrown jungles and mountainous ranges. Abados is the island from which the Gnomes originate. Abados as the island is bordered the World’s End and the Abadosian Channel, however, the mainland coastline area is bordered by the Deep Jungles to the South and Olfgar to the North and the East.

Abados has a long and arduous history, originally the land was completely uninhabited when the Gnomes arrived, and it almost remained that way if it weren’t for the discovery of the Metallic Sand. Using the unique sand of Abados the Gnomes were able to create Glass of high quality and Metal that is lightweight, strong, and rust-proof. This ability to make Duramail has allowed the Gnomes over hundreds of years of engineering to have turned this bleak and desolate land into a technological marvel.

Abados is notable for the fact that it is the only region with an actual mass transit system, this exists in the form of Airships, Steamships, Trams, and Motor-Cycles (which are used on the coastline). This mass transit system allows people to go from points as far as Olfgar and get to Gnomeregon within a few hours via Airship, or taking a steamship from Theramore to Gnomeregon.

The Island of Abados is occupied almost entirely by the city of Gnomeregon which stands as a pinnacle of Gnomish engineering and technology it is because of this that among foreigners Abados is occasionally called the Clockwork Land, for all the machinations the Gnomes have created and used. Abados is ruled by the Fabricator-General, an elected position, from which only the most brilliant of Gnomes have served.

Due to the technological prowess of the Gnomes, Abados is a rich land, importing little (mainly luxuries and some foodstuffs), and exporting great amounts of stuff (weapons, tools, armor, metal, oil, coal, glass, lead, and a variety of other things), this has made Abados the envy of the world resulting in several attempted conquests of Abados, all of which were repealed.

While Abados is a rich land, disease is still a constant problem as the Deep Jungles lie very close to Abados, this makes diseases such as Blightrot a common problem and has caused Anchorage Point to be used as a quarantine section of Abados (however, this has caused a number of problems with other regions/kingdoms as it has disseminated Blightrot to many people.

Abados is home to 1 City and three settlements, these are as followed;

Gnomeregon (Capital of Abados, City that encompasses the entire Island of Abados, divided into 6 districts).

New Gnomeregon (A settlement directly East of Anchorage point, located on the coast of the Abadosian Channel, posses an Airship Port)

Tinkerton (Technological Mining Marvel, A settlement built at the base of the Mountains of Olfgar, posses an Airship Port)

Sandpoint (A settlement responsible for food production in Abados, located on coast of Abadosian Channel and the Deep Jungles, de jure capital of the Forrest Gnomes, posses a domestic port to Mechanus)


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