Akeroth is one of the “three” continents (consisting of Akeroth, Kul’Adar, and “Ul’Drak”) that exist on the planet. Akeroth is located South of Kul’Adar and in between the Great Expanse to the East and the World’s End to the West. An enormous River and inland Sea occupy the middle of Akeroth called the Falmar.

Akeroth is also used colloquially as the name for the whole planet.
Due to Akeroths’ importance within the world, both the continent and planet are collectively known as Akeroth.

The continent of Akeroth is home to a host of different geographical regions, as listed below;

Avaros | Orcanum | Evermare | Alatia | Abados | Andhilia | Steppess | Sylvania | Shuranti | The Dead Scar | Olfgar | Hildragr | Yseria | The Cliffs | Elwynn | Westfall | Loch Modain | Redridge | Dun Morgaine | Zandil | Tavarith | Lous


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