The Andhil Basin (or Andhilia) is a large Basin stretching hundreds of square miles. This region is home to the Andhils and the ethnic empires of Regeloth and Astravia. The Basin is characterized by its many rivers and large open prairies mixed with dense pockets of woodlands.

Andhilia lay on the Western coast of Akeroth just South of the Near Wastes and the Hinterlands in Kul’Adar. To the East of Andhilia lay Hildragr, to the West by the World’s End, and to the South lay Steppes, however, Andhilia and Steppes are divided by two geographic items, these Sub-Regions are as followed;
River Tazania | Lake Patahgula

Andhilia was uninhabited when Man arrived here in 1A during the Battle for Akeroth. The Humans that entered this land ultimately settled and adopted a nomadic life following the goat herds. In 3A something happened and Dwarves arrived from the Near Wastes, setting up their own tribes and villages while competing with the (now) native Humans.

Andhilia is notable that it is divided into two empires, both of which are related to each other. In 3A the Orc Warlock Zer’Nugrub brought forth an army of Goblin-Kin from the Southeast coming to Andhilia to conquer the land. It was this threat of invasion and enslavement which caused Androson I Androsonov to unify both the Human and Dwarven people of Andhilia against Zer’Nugrub. Ultimately the united forces of both Human and Dwarf allowed them to stop Zer’Nugrub in his path and ultimately he was slain by Androson himself. With the death of Zer’Nugrub, his armies were routed and the invasion ended.

After Zer’Nugrub was defeated, Androson was crowned Hraldr (or High-King); Androson would rule for over 200 years, however, when he died the Empire of Andhilia was separated and divided between his seven sons. From this time onward each of the seven empires waged war amongst each other for control of the entire Basin, this practice would last until 14A498.

It was during the Battle of Aradem when only the Empires of Regeloth and Astravia remained. It was at this battle that over 15 million died due to the fighting, and it was from this “Sea of Blood” that both King Celtis III and Barnet II signed the Non-Militarization Treaty which ended the war, resulted in a wall 160 feet high and runs the length of the border, and has ushered in an era of dual isolationism towards each other.

Today the Andhils remain as a unique people, while they appear Human, they due posses a great deal of Dwarven blood. Due to their Dwarven blood the Andhils are slightly different from the rest of Man, as the Andhils are typically slightly shorter, stouter, and live till about the age of 90.

The Hell’s Vanguard claims that Regeloth is controlled by a hidden Cult and is working to destroy the world, especially since the Burning of the Crossing and the Nordrejur Plague.

The two largest cities in the Basin are Karadania (located on the Lake in Regeloth), and Valkeran (located on the coast of Astravia).


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