Classification: City-State
Ruler: The Council of Commerce
Population: Approximately 400,000 (was 1.2 Million before the Nordrejur Plague)
Race: Ansuri ( Humans)
Languages: Common, Ansuri

Racial Makeup:
Human – 86%
Kender – 2%
Andhilic – 2%
Orcish – 3%
Elves – 1%
Dwarves- 4%
Other – 2%



Ansurin was founded sometime in 2A by a Human ethnic group from Steppess. The Ansuri are “Other Men” who appear to have mixed with both the Dwarves of Hildragr and the Quintellexi Elves of Steppess.

Ansurin first began as a small fishing village on the coast of Lake Patahgula, and over the years the city grew as a monarchy began to develop. By the time of the Dragon Wars the monarchy had been overthrown in place of a republic. As the Dragon Wars raged the city did not grow much, but by 5A a population boom caused many people to leave Ansurin and settle the many islands throughout the Lake. These Poli (or cities away from home) quickly grew and sent their wealth back to Ansurin furthering the cities growth and extravagance. The founding of the Poli’s also acted as major boon for Ansurins’ trade, providing trade partners and a lucrative gateway to them.

In 6A Regeloth made an aggressive attack on Ansurin destroying the original city where Karadania is now established. Regeloth also began claiming the many Poli across the Lake. The war ended relatively quickly as Ansurin and the Poli lacked a true army, and with the Battle of Sarnath, the Ansurin Navy was utterly destroyed, destroying any chance of winning the war.

With the Battle of Sarnath and the lose of the Ansurin navy, the republic capitulated and released the Poli to Regeloth.


After the Burning of the Crossing, the Dread Plague began to spread giving rise to the Undead Host. As the Undead Host rose up, they spread across Northern Steppess making their way Southwest to Templemont (Moramer), South to Highreach, and East to Ansurin. Ansurin was surrounded by the Undead Host, however, with the City was saved due to the citizens ability to defend the city via Greek Fire. While the city was saved approximately 66% of the population died in its defence, with the entirety of their deceased being burned outside the city walls in mass graves.


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