Capital: Bastion
Classification: Hereditary Military Republic
People: Human (Other Men)
Languages: Common, Rauric
Wealth: Moderately-High

Bastion is located to the West of Theramore, North of the Falmar (it borders the entrance of the Falmar River where the River itself meets the Ocean), East of the World’s End, and South of Val.

Bastion is notable for its strong military and strong ties with Theramore; Bastions’ location at the mouth of the Falmar has given it a strong growth into the regional trade. Because of Bastions’ strong military they routinely send troops to the front lines of the Dead Scar, and the Fortress of Sanctuary is directly controlled by Bastions’ Military.

Comparably to other nations the people of Bastion do not worship Pellor, but instead worship Heironous. This difference has resulted in many problems between Bastion, and other Human nations that do worship Pellor.

Due to Bastions’ strong military tradition, it has become known as a nation of warriors. The people of Bastion do very little Trading, or crafting themselves, but instead rely heavily on Theramore and Val to supply goods such as food, weapons, and tools.

Population: 6 Million



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