Blood Sea of Ishtar

The Blood Sea of Ishtar stands as one of the four major waterways that occupy Akeroth, these are as follows:

Blood Sea of Ishtar | The Great Expanse | The World’s End | Falmar

Pre-Sea: Before the Blood Sea of Ishtar was formed, the nation of Ishtar was a large and powerful theocracy that dominated much of Kul’Adar. The city of Ishtar itself was a truly extravagant and decadent city, it is because of their decadence and impiety that in 12A the Deities judged all in Ishtar and found for themselves only one man, the King-Priest Avar to be pious. In rage over the Ishtari’s sins the Deities caused the Cataclysm and hurled a fiery mountain from the heavens, and saved only Avar. Because of Avar’s piety the Deities ascended Avar into divinity to fight the evils that plagued the world during the time, called the Crusades.

Ishtar during the Apocalypse

In the wake of its destruction the ensuing rush of water that encompassed where Ishtar had been changed to the color of blood. The sheer number of those killed turned the sea in that area blood red and still to this day travelers speak of the Blood Sea of Ishtar.


Today the Blood Sea stands as an impassable way, due to the leviathan creatures, raging waters, and unpredictable weather that keeps the Blood Sea from being traveled.

Blood Sea of Ishtar

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