Drybone Valley

Drybone Valley was the only “City” within the Nordrejur Lands of Steppess. Here the Shamans gathered to receive Divine Guidance from the Steppe. Because of its security and the fact it is so far out of the way, many outlaws and exiles made their way to Drybone Valley.

After the Purge the Hell’s Vanguard had made their way to Drybone Valley and set up with the Elders of the Valley to stand against the Cult and Regeloth. After the Burning of the Crossing the Varrangoin fled to Drybone Valley en masse as refugees settling in the Valley temporarily.

Since the start of the Nordrejur Plague, the majority of the Nordrejur Lands and Drybone Valley itself were overrun by the Undead Host and infected with the Dread Plague. As the Undead began to assail Drybone Valley the many people ( Nordrejur, Hell’s Vanguard) and refugees who inhabited the valley were forced out in an exodus making their way Southward to Highreach and then to Port Aho (ending up in Bastion). Since the flight from Drybone Valley, no one has seen the valley and its fate is truly unknown (however, it seems quite bleak)

Drybone Valley when it stood

Drybone Valley

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