Dun Morgaine

Dun Morgaine stands South of Zandil, East of Loch Modain, and North-East of Orcanum. Dun Morgaine stands at the very East of Humanities kingdoms.

During the Mythic Era and for the beginning of the Age of Man (up to the Battle for Akeroth) Dun Morgaine was inhabitated by Dwarves, however, as Man made its way further and further into other lands. It was during Nerulls’ Deceit that the Humans slaughtered the Dwarves of Dun Moragine and took up their culture of mining and crafting as their own.

Dun Morgaine stands as one of the poorest Human regions because of its proximity high in the mountains, however, Dun Morgaine is also one of the most populated regions, trading weapons they make for grain from Westfall, Timber from Elwynn, and Livestock from Loch Modain..

The people of Dun Morgaine are quite unlike the rest of Humanity. While most Humans skin color is white-tan-black, the people of Dun Morgaine (predominately the Shou, Zhou, or Xhou) are purported to have a yellow-hue to their skin color, slanted eyes, and a smaller stature (in comparison to the rest of Humanity)

Dun Morgaine is notable as being the only Eastern Human region that posses a Tower of High Sorcery (which is located in Wavereath)

Dun Morgaine

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