The Forests of Elwynn are the original point from which Man rose from the Great Expanse (after being created by Nerull) and arrived in these Orcish Lands. Elwynn, like Westfall, was once owned by the original empire of Orcanum, but when Man arrived the Orcs, unsure of Man’s intentions (which was to destroy as Nerull had committed the Great Deceit) allowed Man to settle in their lands, but this did not end well.

Man after being allowed to Settle in Elwynn attacked the Orcs and pushed forward taking Westfall as well, and pushing the Orcs back into Orcanum. From this action the Orcs were usurped in their social position in the Akerothian Hierarchy.

Elwynn is bordered by Orcanum to the North, the Great Expanse to the East, Westfall to the Northwest, Evermare to the West, and the Deep Jungles to the South.

Elwynn is home to the Oldest Human regions and serves a great megalopolis and conglomeration of kingdoms, where peoples from all over Akeroth come and gather to do trade and conduct diplomatic business. Until 8A, Elwynn was also the spiritual center of Man, hosting the Grand Sept of Pellor in Lordsport, however, when Lok’Tar invaded with his Orcish Horde, the Sept was destroyed and the High Seat of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher was moved to the High Clerists Tower in Avaros.

The largest city in Elwynn is Lordsport and the Oldest City is Tel, located on the eastern coast. Elwynn is notable for possessing the only Tower of High Sorcery in the Southern Human Kingdoms ( Redridge, Westfall, and Elwynn), located in Tel.

Elwynn is home to the following kingdoms;

Lorspar, Telshar, Stormgarde, Alania, Golbal, Hillsbrad, and New Holm

The Ethnic groups in Elwynn are as followed;

Lorossians, (occupying the South and Eastern portion of Elwynn along the Coast)

Kythric, (occupying the interior of Elwynn and a small portion of Southeastern Westfall)


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