Prior to the destruction of the Beacon, Garam was a beautiful and magical land that acted as the Physical home of the deities upon Akeroth, as well as serving as the original home of the Kender before 5A.

Garem is bordered by the Falmar River to the North (with the Dead Scar laying across from it), Lous to the East, Olfgar to the South, and the Cliffs to the West.

Just prior to 5A the Alatians were tricked by the Crimson King (who came in the guise of the Phantom of Truth), allowing him to regain control of the Undead Host. After regaining control of The Undead Host, the Crimson King sent them Southward. As a horde the Host marched from the Ebon Hold Southward to Garem, and on its march the Host seeded the land with the Dread Plague causing the formation of The Dead Scar. As the Host marched a group of Humans rose up to assist the Host and the Crimson King, this group would become known as the Cult of Damnation (and would proginate all other Cults dedicated to Nerull). Together the Host and the Cult marched Southward reaching the Falmar and then Crossing it.

After crossing the Falmar the combined forces of the Host and the Cult reached Garem with but one purpose, the destruction of the Beacon of Light. Reaching Garem the combined forces came to fight the defenders of Garem, slaughtering the people there and forcing the Kender in a mass exodus from Garem and into Steppes (where they would found Kenderholm). After defeating the defenders of Garem the combined Horde marched forward reaching the Beacon and assaulting it. Here the Paladins and Clerics of the Beacon attempted to hold back the Horde, but it was to no avail, and with the death of the last defender the Beacon was destroyed in a massive explosion.

With the destruction of the Beacon came an explosion of Divine energy, which acted as an explusive force pushing the Deities from Akeroth and bringing forth The Dark Times. After the destruction of the Beacon, Garem was transformed from a once lush paradise to a vile and disgusting land wrought with the Undead and the pestilence that they carry. Like the Dead Scar, Garem is patrolled by several Holy Orders which keep the Undead Host from expanding further then it already has.

Today Garem stands as a twisted landscape scarred by the explosion of the Beacon, the Undead Host, and the Dread Plague, because of this no one enters Garem. The Undead Host is kept in check by the Princes of Lous and the Clans of the Cliffs.



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