The Hinterlands are a large tract of hilly wilderness directly north of Akeroth in Kul’Adar; It borders Hildragr to the South, Urskan to the East, the Vankin Mountains and Reach to the North and the Near Wastes to the West.

The Hinterlands, like the Near Wastes are largely devoid of life, however, among the brambles and sticks one can find villages dotted throughout the landscape. The Hinterlands are notable for the fact that there are no kingdoms (or even baronies) in the Hinterlands, instead the people that live their, exist in a pseudo-medieval tribal existence, eking out a meager living through hunting, fishing, farming, and occasionally trading with people from other areas.

While the Hinterlands are largely devoid of life, this does not make the region safer then others, while the Hinterlands are largely devoid of “sentient” life, the region is filled with a variety of creatures, some of which are not known in the rest of Akeroth.

Trade does go through the Hinterlands, however, these are trade routes and only some caravans make their way through the Hinterlands to go to places such as Landes.


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