Hunt-master's Clutch

The Hunt-master’s Clutch is a dual designed merchant vessel created for the entrepreneur Hairathien Thrilmandril and the guild; the United Mercantile Front. It features the best dwarven metalwork and gnomish technology, thanks to the continued trading agreements and continued services of the guild. It features a semi-airship design capable of allowing it access to dry docking within port and allowing it to reach higher speeds than any other vessel, however it cannot be used during storms or very windy conditions. It also uses Steamship technology for propulsion which was created in mind as the guild have their own refuelling station due to the number of cargo trip to the Gnomish islands.


The interior of the vessel was to be elegant with beams of wood and keep to human styles when created with a separate captains cabin just off from the brig.



This vessel is both a prototype and a curse as only the captain whose blood pact is on the controls can use it. meaning any trespassers have the misconception of dying in the ship as once your in, without the owner’s consent, you cant leave.

Hunt-master's Clutch

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