Karadania was founded in 7A20, on the ruins of another City that had been there by King Desidirus the Builder. Karadania was built to serve as a port into Lake Patahgula allowing trade between itself, and Ansurin on the Far Shore (a 700 mile journey).

With this ability Karadania quickly flourished, and soon brought in more wealth than the whole Astravia at that time (which allowed Regeloth to hold out against the 6-1 men the Astravian had), this also attracted many people to Karadania and soon the City began to sprawl, and form into the Megalopolis it is today. Karadania has also served as the Capital of Regeloth since its construction.

Rulers: Emperor Celtis IV Androsonov, Lord Commander Isradael of the Hellknights, and Prophet Anum of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher

Wealth: Extravagant

-City Guard
The Consortium
The Holy Sepulchral Church & the Order of Pellor
The Royal Court
The Guild
Olfgars’ Band

Population: Approximately 3 Million
Cultures: Andhilic, Karadenian
Racial Makeup;
68% Andhilic
7% Humans
9% Dwarves
1% Elves
2% Orcish
3% Other


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