Landes is a large peninsular region of Kul’Adar. Landes consists of the Landes Peninsula and Cape Landes, these geographic features help form the Sub-Region of Tol Bay. Landes is notable for possessing a tower of High Sorcery, and having a moderate Troll population which act as the arms of several mercenary bands.

Landes Peninsula is a large Hilly region, however, along the coast the land consists of sharp cliffs, and shallow sandy beaches. The Peninsula boasts the largest population centers in Lendoria, namely Bourgeoise. The Peninsula runs from the Continent (of Kul’Adar) to the Cape proper (Hjyaal).

Cape Landes is the southern most point in the Landes Peninsula, this area is largely a jagged rocky coastline, however, due to the rock formations ability to protect (during the Dragon Wars), several large cities have sprung up along the coast, namely Hjyaal (which stands on the border of the Peninsula and the Cape), Gor, and Westpoint.

Landes has two notable ethnic populations, these populations are embattled in an ethnic strife that transcends socio-economic roles. These ethnic groups are as followed;

Lendorians | Touvic


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