Classification: Unified City-State Alliance
Capital: Bourgeoise
Ruler: The High-Lords
Population: 9 Million
Race(s): Human (Lendorian, Touv), Dwarf (Urskan)
Culture(s): Lendorian, Touvic, Urskan

Racial Makeup:
78% Human (46% Lendorian, 32% Touvic)
10% Dwarves
5% Elves
2% Halflings
3% Goblin-kin
1% Orcish
1% Other

Lendoria is a nation located in Kul’Adar and stands to the South of Hollow (in Reach), East of the Hinterlands, North of Urskan, and West of the Great Expanse (and specifically Blackspire Reef).

Lendoria was once a hodgepodge of minor warring City-States; however in 13A an outbreak of the Dread Plague appeared on the Isle of Jarl to the Northeast. The Plague spread across the Island infecting and killing everything that it encountered and toppled the warring nations of Jarl within weeks. Fearful, the many City-States came together and signed a Military agreement known as , unifying them together to protect from the threat of the Plague. While the plague did not spread from the Isle, the people remain unified in a state of tense fear.

Lendoria is ruled by the High-Lords, the Council of Hereditary (or sometimes elected) leaders of each City-State. They convene to discuss matters of Defence, Trade, and Agriculture in the capital of Bourgeoise, a massive city on the Coast of Tol Bay.

Lendoria has varying climate conditions do to its proximity in the North. In the Northern and Western Parts of Lendoria (which are in the Hills and Mountains of the Hinterlands themsleves) it snows for most of the year, however along the coastal chore it remains incredibly temperate, and the seasons are much akin to Westfall to the South in Akeroth, and thus allows the Touvic people of Lendoria produce massive amounts of grain to fed the peoples of Lendoria.

Trade in Lendoria moves either North or South. Trade coming from the North starts in the Port of Reach on the Blood Sea, trade then moves from Reach through the Riedran Channel and into Tol Bay (Lendoria), from Tol Bay trade moves Southwards to Urskan Bay and then to Yseria (occasionally). Trade continues its Southward movement from Yseria to Sylvan Bay, and from Sylvan Bay trade goes to Dun Morgaine ( Wavereath), once in Wavereath trade makes its final leg of the trip South to Elwynn ( Lordsport). Trade moving Northward goes the opposite of its Southward travel.

An ethnic strife exists between the Touvic people of the Western and Northern Sections of Lendoria, as they are chiefly reasonable for Food and Protection (and thus are relatively poor) compared to the Lendorians in Landes who are responsible for trade and diplomacy (which has made the Lendorians extravagantly rich in comparison.


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