Loch Modain

Loch Modain is a moderately sized region that encompasses the entire eastern shore of the Falmar Sea. The Loch is filled with many foothills and lakes, and it is because of this that the people of Loch Modain have adopted a shepardic lifestyle. The Loch was originally inhabited by Trolls, Elves, and Dwarves, but during the Battle for Akeroth these peoples were forced out as Man settled in these foothills.

Loch Modain is single-handily responsible for the dissemination of animals such as chickens, cows, and horses across the whole of Akeroth, a feat which has brought much wealth to the kingdoms of the Loch.

The Loch is bordered by Sylvania to the North, Zandil to the Northeast, Dun Morgaine to the East, Orcanum to the Southeast, Redridge to the South, and the Falmar to the West.

Most of the people in the Loch are well trained in handling animals and riding them, this symbiosis has allowed the people of the Loch to maintain a great level of independence, especially when Avaros attempted to expand in 7A.

The Loch is home to the following culture:

Dargoi: The Dargoi occupy the Southern portion along the Loch i between the Falmar and Orcanum. The Dargoi are mixed with the dwarves and the elves, and function as ranchers.

Syranian: The Syranians occupy the Eastern portion of the Loch along the foothills to Dun Morgaine. The Syranians are dwarven in descent and are great forgers helping their neighboring cousins the Shou in Dun Morgaine.

Turmic: The Turmic occupy the center and Northwestern portion of the Loch, the Turmic are highly influenced by their elven ancestry and maintain a great relationship with the Elves in Sylvania and act as the protectors of the Loch from the troll raiders of Zandil.


Common, Dargoin, Syrin, Turmic

Loch Modain

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