City of Lordsport
Rulers: High Lord Hulman ze Lorspar, High Priest Mathulsa
Wealth: Slightly Wealthy (some sections are extremely impoverished while some are extravagant)
Population: 12 million

Lordsport was founded on the original razed ruins of the prior Orcish city, and was constructed in 1A. Lordsport is the First Capital of Man and one of the first cities captured by Man from the Orcs after man arose from the Sea.

Lordsport was the first capital of man and is also one of the largest Human metropolis’ on Akeroth. From Mans conversion to Pellor until the Battle of Lordsport in 8A17, Lordsport also served as the Religious center for all of mankind hosting the Grand Sept of Lordsport and the High See of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher, however, at the Battle of Lordsport the Grand Sept was razed and the High See of the Order was moved to Thorossia (to the unfinished High Clerists Tower).

Lordsport sits on the Great Expanse and acts as a major trade partner with Stormgarde, Telshar, and Wavereath. Lordsports’ location on the Ocean and safely guarded position near the mountains of Orcanum has kept Lordsport in a moderate level of safety for thousands of years.

Through the ages Lordsport has continued to grow exponentially and now boosts a population of almost twelve million within the city and another twenty-five million in the surrounding thirty miles. Lordsport is an ancient city and many sections show there age, however, as the population has expanded new sections of the city have been built, and soon some of the larger neighboring towns may become incorporated into the city proper.


Today Lordsport is the capital of Lorspar, and holds the Grand Sept of Elwynn within itself; on another note Lordsport stands as the busiest port in all of Elwynn.



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