Magic in Akeroth is much different than one would think, and today in the 16 Apocalypse no one is alive who remembers magic before the construction of the Towers of High Sorcery, Arcane magic was unobtainable. It was during this time that the precursor magics were used; Defilement, Preservation, Void, and Divine. Magic on Akeroth exists within the Earth, and before the Towers were built the most prevalent types of magic were Defilement and Preservation.

Defilement or Wild Magic is using the life force of Akeroth to create magic recklessly and when used continually it can have devastating effects on the land itself (I.e. Orcanum, and Tavarith). Few Practice Defilement magic today because of its devastating consequences and the abundance of Arcane Power, however, those that do are to be feared for their sheer power alone. Defilement Magic is a Greenish-Yellow Color.

Preservation Magic is the same as Defilement Magic, however, the person using Preservation magic is only using just enough of the life force of Akeroth to cast their spells, it is this practice which will not destroy the Earth, Spellcasters of this type are typically; Druids, Bards, Rangers, and some Clerics. Preservation Magic is Bright Green in Color.

Void Magic is using the intangible void that exists beyond Akeroth, this magic is soaked in divine energy which is why it permeates beyond the protective shell of Akeroth. Void Magic is a neutral form of Dark Magic, and while it can be used for evil, it is typically used to commune with the spirits of Ancestors, for divine knowledge. Spellcasters who practice Void magic are Typically Shamans, some Druids and Clerics (specifically in Zeth’Kur), but an interest in the Void has caused many Sorcerers and Wizards to begin its practicing. Void Magic is Purple in Color.

Divine Magic was originally granted to Clerics by the Deities, however, when The Dark Times began in 5A after the destruction of the Beacon of Light in Garem, divine magic was unusable for sometime. It would be 7A when the Tholossians built the High Clerists Tower that Divine Magic became useable again. This magic unlike true divine magic is not granted by the gods, but instead broadcast from the HCT, as the HCT acts as a Soul Catcher which grabs souls, rips them of their divinity, and then uses this divinity to Broadcast outwards so Clerics can use Divine Magic. By Definition this is the evilest form of magic, however, only some know the true purpose of the HCT. Divine Magic is Gold-Silver in Color.

Dark Magic was created by Nerull’s Avatar, The Crimson King, and given to the Alatians, while he was under the Guise of the Phantom of Truth. The Mage-Priests of Alatia readily accepted this new magic which compared to Defilement magic used the Life-Force of living things. Dark Magic would survive the mass sacrifices of the Alatians and rework itself into modern Necromancy. Dark Magic is Black in Color.

Arcane Magic was created by Boccob, who found the Ley-Lines of Magic on Akeroth and Built Several Towers of High Sorcery on the lines to act as conduits of the Magic. The Towers allow Magic to be “Pumped” from the ground and broadcast from the Towers, so that any who are magically attuned, can pick up the Channels of Arcane Energy which permeate through existence. The Abundance of Arcane Magic changed the way the whole of the world looked at magic, as know instead of the possible utter destruction of the world, magic can be used with almost no repercussions. Arcane Magic is White in color.

Fel Magic is magic granted by the Demon Lords of the Abyss, few people have ever possessed Fel Magic, but those that have, have caused great devastation. Fel Magic, much like defilement magic, literally corrupts the ground with the Fel energy and turns it into a pestilent wasteland. Mistrust of the Demon Lords keeps many from seeking Fel Magic however. Fel Magic is a Dark-Vile Green in color.

Forbidden Magic, even more appalling, is forbidden magic, this magic was brought by the Eldritch things that live far beneath the surface of Akeroth, and while few ever gain the knowledge those that have, have ultimately become changed and corrupted from the Magic. It is said that if someone uses Forbidden Magic without the right protections they can easily go insane, because of this many do not attempt to find this Forbidden Knowledge, but those that have, have become twisted and broken visages of their former selves ( Sanity). Forbidden Magic is a Greyish-Blackish-Purple in color.


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