Nordrejur (Culture)

The Savage Nordrejur who inhabit the Nordrejur Lands, they stand as a people, but not unified. The many steppe tribes that roam the lands make their living from raiding, scavenging, hunting, herding and occasionally trading at The Crossing.

The Noredrejur are known to be quite fierce and are said to capture or kill anyone that they encounter in the steppes, seeing outsiders as a means of wealth. The Nordrejur also war amongst themselves, enslaving and raiding each other, for any means to gain an advantage against the rest of their people.

The Nordrejur worship the land itself, and because of this they are not united in their customs, however, they do come together in Drybone Valley to practice religious rites that they all shared..

The Nordrejur stand around 5’8"-6’2" and weigh on average 180-220. They live typically into their 50’s (due to war), but man of the shamans live to the venerable age of 70 (some tribes send their elderly to Drybone Valley so that they can live to a venerable age and teach a younger generation). They are quite renowned Horsemen (despite a lack of Horses among the Steppes), and a Nordrejur on a horse is almost guaranteed death to their opponent .

The Nordrejur Culture can be most comparable with (regarding terms, customs, and pronunciations) as Viking Norse Horse Lords.

Nordrejur (Culture)

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