Player Characters

Current Players: Terra Woodsoul |

Past Players (and what happened to them):

Moonwhistle (thought to have died during the Blunder at the Fort, was later found crazed wandering the banks of the River Tazania. Was killed by Hellknights soon after.)

Ardis (left the party in Arkangelsk and said he was going to Quintellex. Fate unknown.)

Gilead (left the party in Arkangelsk to go to the Tower of High Sorcery in Theramore. Fate unknown.)

Fredrick Mord (left the party in Drybone Valley to make a life in Zeth’kur. Fate unknown.)

Adda (left the party in Drybone Valley to join a local tribe in the Nordrejur lands in Steppess. Fate unknown.)

Player Characters

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