Reach (Region)

Reach is a region that lay North of Landes and the Hinterlands, South of the Blood Sea of Ishtar, East of the Vankin Mountains, and West of the Island of Jarl (the two are divided by the Riedran Channel).

Reach is a large plain surrounded by hill lands to the South and the Blood Sea to the North. Reach survived the Cataclysm of 12A due to the Riedran Sea that once lay to the North of Reach taking the brunt of the impact. Since the Cataclysm the Riedran Sea was destroyed and consumed by the Blood Sea.

Reach is a moderately wealthy region, with a moderate population. Trade from Reach can be difficult as travel on the Ocean is hard as the Port of Reach lay on the Blood Sea, and only during certain times can ships successfully scuttle along the coast before they reach the Riedran Channel.

Reach is notable for the fact that it has a large minority of Ishtari (the Ishtarin who survived the Cataclysm and sought refuge in Reach), these Ishtari have become quite wealthy, and are very notable throughout Reidran society, however, because of their wealth and status there is a growing discontent among the Reidrans towards the Ishtari.

Reach is made up of the following nations;

Reach | Hollow | Cavanit

Reach (Region)

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