The Island and city of Sarnath lies deep in Lake Patahgula. The city was originally a colony Poli of Ansurin, however, in 6A Regeloth claimed all the Poli within the Lake. A war of subjugation began when the city where Karadania is now located (this was also a Poli of Ansurin) was razed to the ground. Regeloth made its move and began consolidating power and taking the Poli one by one.

Ansurin nor any of the Poli possessed a true army instead relying on their navy to protect. For some time Ansurin and its Poli were able to hold back the Regelothin Navy, however, at the Battle of Sarnath the Ansurin Navy was utterly destroyed. With the lose of not only their only Militaristic Naval vessels but also the majority of its Merchant Navy forced Ansurin into capitulation, and ultimately the Poli were released to Regeloth.

Sarnath would remain apart of Regeloth until 8A when an outbreak of the Plague infected the island city. It was at that time that an unknown Paladin of Pellor sacrificed himself to save the last of the refugees from the city. Because of the Paladins selfless act many of the Andhilic People converted to Pellor and the Order of the Holy Sepulcher was founded.

An attempt was made to cull the city of undead, when Emperor Desiderius the Builder burned the city with Greek Fire, however, the undead were intelligent enough to hide from the flames until they went out. Because of this action, Emperor Desiderius burned the ports, and declared the Island lost.

Today Sarnath remains a blight upon the world, a festering wound that can not be cured, nor culled, and it is because of that, that the Andhils stay faithful.

th__1_.jpg Sarnath from the Lake


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