The Shuranti (or simply Shuranti) is a massive swampland/brackish mire that encompasses the Western edge of Akeroth.

Shuranti is a vast region that lay South of Steppess and North of the mouth of the Falmar River (where the Falmar enters into the Worlds’ End). East of Shuranti lay the Dead Scar, however, since the time of the Dark Times the Eastern border of Shuranti (the Shuranti Swamp) has been manned by a number of forts.

Shuranti is a massive swampland, however, the brackish mire does breakaway in the West giving way to solid ground and open fields. The Eastern portion of Shuranti is where the majority of the Swamp is located (this has helped protect Theramore from the Undead Host and the Dread Plague), however, the Swamp does expand into the interior taking up almost 60% of the landmass of Shuranti. The Western section of Shuranti is completely different from the Eastern being comprised mainly of rocky hills, open plains, and crag basins.

Shuranti acts as the center of Magic within Akeroth, and today the word Shuranti is synonomous with Magic and Soldiers. The Mageocracy of Theramore acts as the magical center, acting as the foundation for both the Towers of High Sorcery and the Order of High Sorcery, however, on the militaristic side, Bastion acts as a Akerothian Sparta, where every citizen is a soldier and that is their only job.

Since 10A Shuranti has been unified under a coalition known as the Shuranti Alliance, this Alliance was originally formed by Boccob unifying Bastion, Theramore and Val together, however, in 12A Moloch joined the Shuranti Alliance after establishing a colony North of Val.

Shuranti is compromised of only three nations, these are as followed;

Theramore | Bastion | Val

The People of Shuranti are as followed;

Shuran | Rauric | Val | Molochi


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