Shuranti Swamp

The Shuranti Swamp is a massive swampland that lay on the Eastern precipice of Theramore (Shuranti) and the Dead Scar.


Because of the Swamps strategic location Theramore and the rest of Shuranti has remained relatively unaffected by the Dread Plague and the Undead Host.


The Shuranti Swamp spans an area of about 1500 square miles and an exact mapping of the Swamp has never been accomplished due to both the size of the Swamp and the creatures that reside within it.


While the Swamp is massive and unruly it is not uninhabited, instead hundreds, maybe thousands of small villages and thorps exist within the Swamp. While many of these villages are isolated or unknown, some of these villages are as followed;

Morganoff Estates

Shuranti Swamp

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