Specific Events

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1A; The Age of Man begins, The Battle for Akeroth starts, The Warring Times, Orc Wars, Orcanum falls

3A; Division of the Elves

4A; The Dragon Wars

5A21; The Dark Times Begin, Fall of the Beacon of Light

6A21; Regelothian Annexation of Sarnath:

6A?; The Sorcerer Wars Begin

7A5; Burning of Evermare

8A3; The Culling of Sarnath:

8A13; The Sorcerer Wars end, Theramore is unified

8A17; Battle of Lordsport, Siege of the Dragongate

8A43; Battle of Dragongate:

9A7; The Devastation of Tavarith

10A1; The first Tower of High Sorcery is built by Boccob in Vingaard (Theramore)

1043; The formation of the Shuranti Alliance

10A47; The Dark Times end

11A; The Crusades begin

12A1; The Cataclysm of Ishtar

12A2; The Crusades end with the help of Avar

13A; The Infection of Atar (13A1) and Jarl (13A7)

14A498; Battle of Aradem:

15A2; The Establishment of Zeth’Kur

16A1; The Fall of the Black Wall

16A20; The Purge, Nordrejur Plague

Specific Events

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