Steppess is a large geographical area spanning some thousand square miles. It consists of one fast steppe that has few breaks, it is geographically bordered in the north by the River Tazania, to the East by The Dead Scar, the South by Shuranti, and the West by Worlds’ End.

Steppes is notable for it’s several Sub-Regions:
Quintellexi Sea | Molochi Bay

Steppes is remarkable for the fact that along the interior, the entirety of the land is one vast., almost unbreaking steppe, however, when one reaches the edge of the water the landscape drastically changes to a rocky mire, with only some areas being able to receive ships.

In the Northern steppes stands the Nordrejur Lands. Bordering the Nordrejur Lands to the south is Moramer, Vash-Ka’Rat, Quintellex, and Kenderholm, to the East stands Ansurin, Dolef, Lakrin, and Azoth. Dividing the Northern steppes and Middle Steppes is the Quintellexi Sea.

South of the Quintellexi Sea is the Orcish Empire of Zeth’Kur. Zeth’Kur is bordered in the South by the Midlor Lands, and to the East by Carsi; the Midlor Lands are bordered in the south by Moloch and the Sudrejur Lands (which make up Southern Steppess). The Bay of Moloch acts as a divider between Northern Shuranti and Southern Steppess.

Steppes is notable for the fact that it is mainly inhabited by Humans, however, since 1A other peoples have come, such as the Kender who cam and settled Kenderholm in 5A, the Quintellex who came in 3A, or the Orcs who arrived in 8A.

The Nordrejur Lands of Steppess are undergoing a massive epidemic (the Nordrejur Plague) as the Dread Plague pushes forward in all directions; already most of Moramer, Dolef, and the Nordrejur Lands are overrun. Even though the Undead Host pushes forth some people have been able to beat back the Host (such as Ansurin which suffered a two-thirds reduction in their population). Many factions are moving to address the situation in Northern Steppess, however, what they will do remains to be seen.


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