Sylvania is a massive, dense, and magical forest from which the Elves originated. It is from these woodlands that civilization is purported to have begun from.

Sylvania stands on the Northern edge of Akeroth. To the North lay Urskan (in Kul’Adar), while to the Northeast lay the Urskan Bay, and Yseria. East of Sylvania lay the Sylvan Bay which stands as a part of the Great Expanse. South of Sylvania lay Loch Modain and to the Southeast is Zandil. The Southwestern area of Sylvania straddles the Falmar Sea and to the West lay Hildragr. The Bridge Islands in the Falmar Sea are considered apart of Sylvania. On the Eastern end of Sylvania lay Sylvan Bay.

The Elves were unified until 3A when a division among the Elven pantheon caused a division among the Elves themselves. This division led to the creation of the various Elves (i.e. High, Wood, Wild, Drow, Quintellex, Redeemed, etc.), and with this division the various Elves (except the High Elves and Sylvan) left Sylvania for other lands.

Sylvania is notable as its official religion is the High Fane (the Church of Corellon Lorethian), a church that operates out of every city that dots the landscape of Sylvania. The High Fane is a caste based Church, where the priests of the High Fane come from an ancient line of Priests, this practice of intermarriage among the priestly families has led to deformations among the Priests, however, while the Priests are physically deformed they posses a massive intellect and have the ability of Foresight.

Today Sylvania stands as one of the most peaceful regions in all of Akeroth, with the only dangerous area in Sylvania being near the border of Zandil. During the spring the Trolls descend from the hills of Zandil and raid Sylvania, Loch Modain, and Dun Morgaine.

Sylvania is the original homeland of all Elves, however, only the High Elves and the Sylvan Elves reside within Sylvania. While these Elven groups live in the same region they are not on good terms with the High Elves viewing the Sylvan Elves as Barbarians, and the Sylvan Elves viewing the High Elves as arrogant, pompous, and disconnected from nature. While both groups look at each other unfavorably they do share the same view of the Quintellex, regarding them as traitors and deserving of their fate.


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