The Great Red Sands of Tavarith stand as a seemingly endless red desert, however, instead of being desolate, the entirety of the Sands sits upon the Tavar Aquifer which feds water to the many Oasis cities across the Red Sands. The Humans of Tavarith are quite different from other Humans, as they only worship one “true” god (see, The God of the Tavar), they are also known for their abstinence of Alcohol.

Tavarith is quite a rich region serving as a trade center bringing trade from the East ( Sylvania, Avaros) to the West (the Dead Scar, Shuranti) and acting as a bridge for the many different peoples. Tavarith is a completely unified region ruled by a religious leader known as the Ayetole, however, local duchies are ruled over by Seiks. Tavarith is unique not only in the fact that it posses two capitals, the financial capital of Tavarith is Weatherly and the administrative capital is Al-Tavar, but also that paper money is used in lieu of traditional Currency.

Tavarith is bordered by the Falmar River to the South, the Falmar Sea to the South-East, Sylvania to the East, Hildragr to the North, and the Dead Scar to the West. Tavarith is also in possession of several islands in the River located between Tavarith and Lous, these include the Weatherly Islands that border the Falmar Sea and the Gateway Islands that act as a checkpoint on the Falmar river as well as a major trade port.


Tavarith was not always a desert; before 9A Tavarith had been a lush Oasis that covered over a thousand square miles, but after the Siege of the Dragongate, the Fall of Lok’Tar Ogar, and the Diaspora of the Orcs caused all this to change. At the beginning of 9A a Human named Kord arrived in Tavarith with a Horde of Orcs in an attempt to settle these lands, however, the Tavar fearful that the Orcs would devastate them like they did to the Kythric and Lorossians of Elwynn put up an active defence and prevented the Orcs from settling. The Tavar’s action was seen as aggressive by Kord’s Orcs and countless battles began to take place between the Tavar and the Orcs as the Orcs launched countless raids. In a desperate bid to save themselves from the Orcs, the Tavar used Defilement Magic to force the Orcs out, however, this act devastated the land and turned it into the red sanded desert that stands here today. This event is known as the Devastation.

Tavarith contributes greatly to maintaining the Dead Scars’ defenses, and the Tavar’s Religious Belief and fervor has helped spear-head many pushes into the Dead Scar proper, specifically leading to the establishment of Fort Bliss in the center of the Scar. During the Crusades Weatherly acted as a temporary Airship port to help bring goods from Abados and Olfgar to Tavarith to then be moved to the Frontlines, after the Crusades ended in 12A with the Cataclysm and the Intervention of Avar. With this the Airship port in Weatherly was closed, however, in recent years some have suggested a reestablishment of the Airship port to make Travel and Trade easier to facilitate.

The Tavar are skilled diplomats, warriors, and traders, and have had a long-standing deal of co-operation with the Sentinel Hill Alliance in Westfall in exchange for the Westfallen grain. The Tavar have a shaky relationship with their Southern Vassels in Lous, as after the signing of the Sentinel Hill Accord, Tavarith signed the Co-Operation agreement with the Sentinel Hill Alliance, and from then on the Lousin have been subject to abhorrent taxation and at times full scale occupation and re-education.


Tavarith is a very wealthy region with countless Trade routes running through it. These Trade routes have influences Tavarith and the Tavar people greatly, especially in regards to Religion. Currently Tavarith is suffering from an epidemic of Blightrot.


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