The Cliffs

South of the Entrance to the Falmar River lay the Cliffs. Here in this jagged and rocky landscape, along the coast of both the River and the Ocean live the Shamanistic Minotaurs.

The Cliffs are bordered by the Falmar to the North, Garem to the East, Olfgar to the South, and the Worlds’ End to the West.

The Cliffs are a virtually impossible place to reach. Along the coast of both the River and Ocean are the Cliffs proper which prevent any form of entry, and the Plagued-Lands of Garem keep any from entering from the East. Because of these boundaries the only way to access the Cliffs is via Darius’s Gate in Olfgar.

In 5A, after the Fall of the Beacon of Light, the Dwarves of Olfgar, fearful of the Undead Host coming to Olfgar through the Cliffs, constructed Darius’s Gate. By constructing the Gate, the Dwarves sealed the native Minotaurs into these region (and an obvious stagnation of culture and population has occurred).

Today the Minotaurs of the Cliffs maintain their ancient, Shamanistic culture. Here among the Cliffs the Minotaur still roam following the Strider Herds which provide them with all their necessities. While the Minotaurs seem content, a deep animosity has grown, as for over a thousand years the Minotaurs have been trapped between steep cliffs, Plagued-Lands, and a Wall built by Dwarves who themselves caused an Apocalypse.

The Cliffs

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