The Crossing

The Crossing was founded by several Varrangoin Clans, who settled in the area after the construction of Arkangelsk. These clans became the epitimise the Ferryman. The Crossing was the only permanent Varrangoin settlement.


The Crossing while not apart of Regeloth stands as one of its protectorates, because of this status it was not uncommon to find a River Pirate or two among the various travelers, and merchants who make their way through The Crossing to Arkangelsk.

The Crossing was one of two crossings on the River Tazania allowing trade from the Quintellexi Sea, northward across the land through Vash-Ka’Rat, Moramer, and Quintellex.

After the Purge of 16A20, the Regelothian Navy moved from Lake Patahgula and into the River Tazania, from here the Navy descended on the Crossing, burning it in its entirety, and forcing all the Varrangoin in the Crossing to flee Southward and seek refuge in Drybone Valley. Since the Burning of the Crossing and the Exodus of the Varrangoin, the Varrangoin have decided to join the Hell’s Vanguard in its war against Regeloth and the Cult of Abadon.

th__2_.jpg The Crossing

The Crossing when it stood.

The Crossing

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