The Great Expanse

The Great Expanse stands as one of the four major waterways that occupy Akeroth, these are as followed;

Great Expanse | World’s End | Falmar | Blood Sea of Ishtar

East of Akeroth and Kul’Adar stands the immense ocean of the Great Expanse. The Great Expanse is an enormous body of water bordering numerous regions, these are as followed (in order from top to bottom);

Reach | Jarl | Landes | Urskan | Yseria | Sylvania| Zandil | Dun Morgaine | Orcanum | Elwynn | Deep Jungles

The Great Expanse has formed several past and present geographical features that cut into the coast of Akeroth, these are as followed (in order from top to bottom);

Blood Sea of Ishtar (Present, formed in 12A)| Riedran Sea (Past, destroyed in 12A)| Riedran Channel | Tol Bay (East of Tol Bay lay Blackspire Reef) | Urskan Bay | Sylvan Bay

Travel on the Sea is incredibly difficult as the waves and weather on the ocean are violent and many fear the creatures that may lurk beneath the dark depths. Of all these fabled creatures only one is known, these are the Shaguin. East of Landes lay Blackspire Reef (a Sub-Region of the Great Expanse), an area of calmer water, however, while the water is calmer here (compared to the rest of the Great Expanse) the Shaguin rule these waters and ships that stray too far from the coast are susceptible to destruction at the hands of these watery demons.

While the Great Expanse is a dangerous body of water, it is incredibly vital for trade to move quickly from Kul’Adar to Akeroth and vice versa. Trade typically goes from Reach to Landes, through Tol Bay to Urskan Bay, to Yseria (occasionally), then to Sylvan Bay, around Zandil to Dun Morgaine ( Wavereath), and then finally to Elwynn ( Lordsport) (trade used to go farther south to Alatia, however, when the Alatians sacrificed themselves in 5A the people North of the Deep Jungles lost all contact with the Alatians, however, it is widely believed that everyone was sacrificed.

The Great Expanse

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