The Scorched Plains

Evermare (now called the Scorched Plains) was the original home of the Halflings. Here among this forested region the Halflings lived making their homes on both the ground and among the trees.

Evermare is a landlocked region that stands in the center of Southern Akeroth. To the North of Evermare stands Lous, the Northeast stands Westfall, to the East stands Elwynn, to the South the Deep Jungles, to the West is Olfgar, and to the Northwest lay Garem.

After Man pushed the Orcs from Elwynn and Westfall into Orcanum during the start of the Battle for Akeroth, Halflings took the brunt of Humanity as it moved out across the various lands. After the Battle for Akeroth, from the ends of the Orc Wars onward the Halflings began a tradition of defending their forests from the Orcs who came to raid them. This allowed many Halflings to become great Rangers and instill fear into the Orcs (but the fear did not last long).

The Halflings ability to defend their forests lasted until the beginning of 7A. It was during thsi time ( The Dark Times), that the Orcs united into a confederation of Clans and descended from Orcanum, through Elwynn and into Evermare. The Orcs swept through Evermare killing many, and using fire and axes to clear the land, it was during this time that the Orcs decided they would loot all of Evermare and thus they would burn it to the ground. As the Orcs conquered, raped, pillaged, and burned the Halflings were forced to flee and this began their nomadic caravan lifestyle which they continue to this day (the Halflings never found a new homeland like the Kender did in 5A).

The Burning of Evermare would be the flashpoint that would change the world, after the conquest the Orcish Horde would regroup and fight among themselves, leading to the rise of Lok’tar and from there to the Orcish Crusades of 8A.

th__5_.jpg Evermare as it burned

Today the Scorched Plains stands as a huge desolated area with some areas still burning (as the forest was made of massive, sappy tress),however, in some areas obvious regrowth is happening.

The Scorched Plains

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