The Undead Host

The Undead Host is the colloquial term for the mass of Undead that congregate in and around the Dead Scar and the Ebon Hold, as well as being the name for any mass of Undead found beyond these regions (i.e. Jarl, Atar, Sarnath, the Nordrejur Lands)


The Undead Host arose in 1A when the Dread Plague was sowed across the world during the Battle for Akeroth. As the combatants slew each other they rose yet another soldier for Nerull’s ever burgeoning army. Ultimately Nerull’s Avatar, the Crimson King, was vanquished in 1A and the Mantle of the Crimson King (Now called the Mantle of the Ebon King) was placed upon Ishar’s shoulders. Ishar froze himself in the Ebon Citadel located deep beneath the Ebon Hold, so that the Undead host would languish about, and not overrun the whole of the world.

In 5A, the Crimson King took back the Mantle of the Ebon King and used the Undead Host as his army to destroy the Beacon of Light in Garem, due to this lands where the Host marched became infected and is now known as the Dead Scar. The Beacon was torn down and The Dark Times began.

Ultimately the Crimson King was defeated when the Alatians sacrificed themselves, and the Host was again placed in a Stasis.

Since 5A the Undead Host has risen up in a number of places at several different times, such as in 11A when the Crusades, 13A when Atar and the Isle of Jarl were completely overrun, or 16A with the beginning of the Nordrejur Plague in the Nordrejur Lands.

Areas inhabited by the Host are as followed;

Dead Scar, Garem, Atar, Jarl, Sarnath, the Nordrejur Lands

Today the Undead Host is kept in check by a number of Forts (i.e. Sanctuary) and fortifications (the Black Wall) that are used to keep the Host contained wherever they are.

The Undead Host

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