The World's End

The World’s End stands as one of the four major waterways which occupy Akeroth, these are as followed;

World’s End | Great Expanse | Falmar | Blood Sea of Ishtar

West of Akeroth and Kul’Adar lay the immense ocean of the World’s End. The World’s End is an enormous body of water that borders numerous regions and receives the outflow from the Falmar, these regions are as followed (in order from top to bottom);

The Desolation | Near Wastes | Andhilia | Steppess | Shuranti | Cliffs | Olfgar | Abados | Deep Jungles

The World’s End has formed several geographic features that exist still to this day, these are as followed (in order from top to bottom);

River Tazania & Lake Patahgula | Quintellexi Sea | Molochi Bay | The Falmar | Abadosian Channel

Travel on this Ocean compared to the Great Expanse is much easier, however, trade only moves as far North as Valkeran in Andhilia. Trade moves from as far South as Abados and as far North as Valkeran all the way through the Falmar River and into the Falmar Sea. This trade route allows goods to be brought from Abados to Westfall then to Elwynn ( Lordsport) and then into the Great Expanse (to be moved Northward).

The ease of travel on the World’s End has made it incredibly import, not just for the empires in the West, but also for the Kingdoms in the East, and the Kingdoms in the Northeast of Kul’Adar. The World’s End is notable for the fact that many ships travelling on the waters are Gnomish Steamships from Gnomeregon.

Northward travel on the World’s End stops at Valkeran as Northward in the Near Wastes there is no known civilization, and in fact many fear the Near Wastes as the birthplace of evil itself. These beliefs have given rise to the presence of folk myths that attribute any and all problems onto the creatures that exist beyond the treeline in those deep and dark forests.

The World's End

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