Trolls are a vile and cunning Race who have inhabited Akeroth for time immemorial, and the legends surrounding them are ancient in themselves. Trolls stand from 7 ft to 12 ft depending on which tribe and caste they hail from, with some trolls reaching heights of 20-30 ft (Dire Trolls), but these are much rarer.

Troll physiology is unique in the fact that Trolls only posses two equally sized two, and hands bolstering only two fingers and a thumb; trolls have a wide variety of skin colors ranging from pale blue, to a blue-green, to purple. Trolls also posses tusks, generally two protruding from their mouths and reaching lengths of up to three feet.

Trolls are well known for their abilities to attack savagely, cunningly, organize en masse and regenerate entire limbs. Trolls practice a type of magic known as Vodun, however, few who are not trolls know anything about it. The Trolls are led by a Witch-King located in Zandil, however, in the last twenty years a schism has emerged with the The Witch-King of Falmar rising to prominence after seizing the Dread Plague (in Avaros).

While Trolls inhabit Zandil, trolls can also be found in the Deep Jungles, Avaros, the Hinterlands, and parts of Sylvania. Trolls are not welcome within most places, however, in the Hinterland Kingdoms such as Lendoria, Troll mercenaries can be found readily.



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